Old hard drives could have the potential to cause you real harm.  Identity thieves and hackers can dig information out of an old drive and use it to steal your identity or that or your employees.


Just erasing the data is not enough.  Even formatting it isn’t a sure way to destroy it.  The data must be securely wiped so it can’t be recovered.  Many drives sold on eBay are full of personal and business data that can be recovered using free or inexpensive software.
To be sure your data is gone forever and can’t be recovered, why not have T-Doc handle erasing the data for you?  

How Secure is the Wiping Process?
While the specific wiping method used will vary depending on the HDD or media type, all drives are wiped using a method which guarantees the data can never be recovered by any present or future data recovery technology.

  • It may include methods such as multi-pass overwriting (e.g. D.o.D), factory self-scan, secure reset (in the case of SED devices), physical destruction / degaussing, or another comparable method.
SATA (SATA cable) – R20/ea
IDE or PATA (old ribbon cable) – R20/ea
SCSI (server drives) – R50/ea
SAS (server drives)- R50/ea

We can do this onsite or at our premises. If your hard disk drive is an external drive we can wipe it remotely.

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