Full Disk Encryption (FDE) or whole disk encryption protects the entire volume and all files on the drive against unauthorized access. In contrast to FDE, File-Level Encryption (FLE) is an encryption method, which takes place on the file system level, enabling the encryption of data in individual files and directories.
“Compared to hacking a secure network, it is much easier to download information from an unencrypted or unprotected laptop. This is a reality a lot of business owners and IT professionals fail to realize.”
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There are multiple reasons for protecting laptops and the data in the, and luckily, there are various ways to mitigate security risks. One powerful tool is full disk encryption. Full disk encryption is a data protection method, which transforms information in a storage medium into a secret format that can be only understood by people or systems who are allowed to access the information.
When users travel, their organization’s confidential data goes with them. Wherever confidential data is stored, it must be protected against unauthorized access. Windows has a long history of providing at-rest data-protection solutions that guard against nefarious attackers, beginning with the Encrypting File System in the Windows 2000 operating system. More recently, BitLocker has provided encryption for full drives and portable drives. Windows consistently improves data protection by improving existing options and by providing new strategies.
Prepare for drive and file encryption
The best type of security measures are transparent to the user during implementation and use. Every time there is a possible delay or difficulty because of a security feature, there is strong likelihood that users will try to bypass security. This situation is especially true for data protection, and that’s a scenario that organizations need to avoid. Whether you’re planning to encrypt entire volumes, removable devices, or individual files, Windows 10 meets your needs by providing streamlined, usable solutions. In fact, you can take several steps in advance to prepare for data encryption and make the deployment quick and smooth.
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